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As a teenager, Sarah was prescribed asana and meditation as a way to cope with her lifelong struggle with anxiety and was soon fascinated by the ancient South Asian Philosophies which underpinned her practice. Because she reaped such transformational benefits, Sarah has immersed herself in a well-rounded lifestyle practice facilitated by the technology of Yoga. She studied for her 200 hour certification with Cathy Madeo, ERYT-500, and has been teaching since 2017. Sarah has also completed several special certifications which include Therapeutics with Liz Alvarez, ERYT-200, which facilitates yoga for people with illness, injury or other special needs, and Restorative Yoga with Carolyn Chaiko, ERYT-200. She is preparing to study for her 300 hour certification in 2021. Sarah's teaching strives to hold space for all types of bodies to practice in an authentic, safe and personalized way. She does this by offering many different options within each posture and sequence, by offering the creative use of props, by anatomically informed instruction, and by encouraging students to constantly question and address their own individual needs. 

Sarah is excited to share her passion for Yoga and wellness with all humans and, further, hopes to offer an open door into the deeper practices of Yoga to all who feel moved to explore all eight limbs and beyond.

You can find me through Honor Yoga and through Yoga Gives

"I am a student first and always. I am learning new ways in which to bring the practices of Yoga to you, no matter who you are. In this moment in the world, the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community need Yoga and Wellness more than ever. Further, they need Yoga and Wellness tailored to their unique lived experiences, respect and compensation for the incredible wellspring of knowledge they possess, freedom to exist in this world safely, and JOY. I may not be the right teacher to offer all of these things, but I am amassing a network of teachers so that we can find the right guide for you! Please be sure to contact me if there is something I can offer you or if you think I might be able to help direct you to someone who can help you find your ideal practice. I am here for you. Black Lives Matter."



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I love to teach active posture practices that increase strength and stability. This includes the holding of more active postures for longer periods of time, examining our relationship to the physical body and breath through times of physical challenge, all while finding room to laugh and play on our mat. I offer space for each practitioner to examine how their body feels in each posture and encourage each human to have the agency to move, change, or choose something completely different in order to have a completely personalized practice. I offer this type of instruction during Roots or Strong & Calm classes. Message me for more info!


I believe that it is incredibly important to find balance within our posture practices. I teach Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga to that end. In Yin, we will explore passive stretching practices using time and gravity as tools to get into deep tissues of the body. Restorative Yoga offers us a stillness practice where the body is completely supported by props. In Restore, we find ways to tap deeply into the parasympathetic nervous system to rest & digest.

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Strong & Calm

4:45- 5:45 PM

Live-Streamed AND In-Studio

Hosting Studio HY Flemington

*available locally

Sign up online using the hyperlink above or through MINDBODY


Strong & Calm

4:45 - 5:45 PM

Live-Streamed AND In-Studio

Hosting Studio HY Flemington

*available locally

Sign up online using the hyperlink above or through MINDBODY


Heated Yin

6:15-7:15 PM

IN-PERSON in the Infrared Studio

HY Flemington

*available locally

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Sarah's effervescent personality combined with her deliberate, loving and accessible teaching style makes her a highly effective yoga teacher. Her classes make you feel at home with yourself. She has an incredible ability to help you make mind-body-spirit connections that you can take with you off of your mat. Since I started taking Sarah's classes regularly, I've seen positive changes in my personal practice. I am blessed to call her my yoga teacher and friend. I highly recommend her classes to anybody with any level of yoga experience.
You will leave feeling recharged and refreshed!

Caitlin Edore

Sarah provides private in-home teaching to me and I could not be more pleased. She was always a joy to work and left me feeling better than when she arrived. She was able to respond to whatever I was hoping to achieve that day, whether it was a sense of calm, building strength, and/or helping sore muscles. Thank you Sarah for guiding my practice and helping me achieve my goals!

Beth McManus

Sarah is an amazing teacher! Her knowledge in yoga sequencing, alignment and anatomy helps guide you into poses that you never thought were possible. In addition, Sarah has a strong foundation in yoga philosophy, incorporating mindfulness to the practice as well. Classes with Sarah are always fun, too! You always wind up laughing and smiling throughout her class. But Sarah is so much more than someone who just teaches and guides a yoga practice. She creates a safe space for you to be, she is a constant supporter of each and every one of her students, and allows you to grow. For me, Sarah has been someone I look up to; she has changed my life. Sarah is the one who encouraged me to enroll in yoga teacher training and now I'm a yoga teacher myself. She continues to offer support and guidance and I couldn't be more grateful and thankful for her! I highly recommend taking classes and workshops with Sarah!

Lexi Orlan

I love practicing with Sarah! She's informative, fun, and personable.

Len Scales

Sarah is an undeniable bright light in her classes. She makes everyBODY feel welcomed and able to conquer any pose. With her beautiful and inspiring philosophy to her expansive knowledge of the human body you will walk out of her class feeling more connected to yourself and the mat like never before. I cannot thank Sarah enough for her encouragement into yoga teacher training and being such a positive influence on and off the mat.

Megan Smith


"The most evolved choice is the one that benefits you the most in body, mind, and spirit.”

Deepak Chopra



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